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Optimization Of Search Site

Recording in search systems is one of the main ways to unlock the site. Everyone knows that. Search systems can provide more than 50 per cent of visitors per day, but registration is one case, and the first search pages are different. That's right. Optimize website Not many people know how to find him. In this article, I'll give some advice that will help you get up in search. These councils have been tested by me and are already successful.

Let's start from the start. As necessary, register in search systems. There are different automatic enumerators in search systems. They should use their services, they'll save you time. But the most popular searchers should register manually. What are the most popular search systems? I've got a survey on my website: "What Russian search system do you prefer to use? " Sixty-one persons participated. The voting was as follows: Yandex-65%, Rambler-23%, Aport-5%, Other-7%. The first three are clear. Among others would be Google, Lupa, Punto. That's how the first one comes to me pretty often. Of the others, less.

What pages should be recorded? Usually, they record the main page with which all the others can go. Some searchers do not index pages that go beyond the fourth level, i.e. those pages that can be accessed only through four references, starting with the front page. So, if there's a complex hierarchy of pages on your website, I suggest you create a separate page on which you put out direct references to all the others. On the front page, put a link to the page and call it a map of the website.

So, you registered. There will be one, two, three weeks (on each search engine in time) and search engine robots will go on your website and indicate all pages. Usually, if your website goes on one of the first three search pages, that's good. And in systems like Yandex, Rambler, Aport is great. In searching for the fourth and further pages, they find all the necessary information at the first three. Why is the location of the site in search? First, it depends on the content of the pages.

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