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Order Optimization Of Websites

As we carry out a set of site and site development work, we focus on all three main search systems - Yandex, Rambler and Google. Today, no one doubts that the decision to order the site is the right decision for any firm. Compared to traditional advertisers, Internet market prices are low. The cost of moving the site in our agency is within a reasonable range, so order optimization of sites It's not only good for your company, it's good. In our recommendations, we always take into account the budget that the customer is willing to allocate to the Internet market so that the decision to order the site ' s clearance becomes economically viable for our clients.

The site ' s promotion and construction include:

  • Analysis of site compliance with search systems.
  • Analysis of the competitive environment of the site.
  • Develop a strategy to move the site.
  • Selection of key phrases to advance the site and the dial.
  • Copying services.
  • Search optimization of the site.
  • Registration of the site in search systems.
  • Registration in catalogues and ratings.
  • Daily monitoring of the site ' s position and capacity.
  • Supporting website progress.


1st step:

  • site analysis, technical design (brief);
  • Writing texts for Syta ' s advanced pages;
  • News and press releases on the company ' s activities and, where necessary, the creation of news stories;
  • Writing headings for the Sait page in the software code;
  • Optimization of texts and optimization of website texts.

2 phase:

  • The registration of Saita in free Russian-language ratings, catalogues and search systems (paid accommodation is paid for additional fees);
  • News and press releases posted on relevant online sites.

Phase 3 - Maintain and strengthen the site ' s position in interest. ♪ ♪

The cost of building content for the site, search optimization and promotion of sites is calculated primarily by the size of the site itself, the frequency of search requests and competition in this segment of Runet. In addition, the prices of co-pierar services and site retrieval depend on the total volume of work ordered by the agency. The more you order services, the cheaper they cost. For permanent customers, there's a rebate system.

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