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We're not just promoting words, we're moving your business online! And this is:

  • Involving potential buyers on the site;
  • Increasing sales;
  • Increased loyalty and brand recognition.

Integrated site promotion. Search optimization of the site

The process of moving the site directly into search systems or, in other words, searching for progress (SEO moves, site turnovers) is a process that is significantly different from more traditional advertising and marketing techniques. The “Classical” advertising is simply purchased, the client pays money and obtains results in the number of shows, clicks, the amount of air time, etc. In the case of SEO-webcasting, the situation is somewhat different, because search engines do not allow for direct interference with their work, it is simply not possible to " buy " a position in prospecting. The official position of search engines on this issue is in fact one assertion: " Better your resource, and it will be a good user of our search system " . Of course, this kind of wording seems to be quite vague, incorrect. If we simply accept this claim on faith, we find it clear that SEO-promotion, as it is presented to us on the modern Internet, is not possible at all. However, in practice this is certainly not the case, and promotion of the site systems can be extremely beneficial and successful.

As search engines are programmes and robots rather than humans, they evaluate your resource and its content not under the " general-philosophical " criteria, but for a variety of purely technical characteristics. Therefore, in each case, a summary assessment, which ultimately depends on the site ' s position in searching for extradition, is composed of a large number of small " chippers " . Indeed, knowing what these are and how they can be combined and allows, to varying degrees, to be effectively " redesigned " in the search system, as if " by showing " the advanced resource at the necessary positions.

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