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The Advantages Of Context Advertising

Context advertising is not naive, is perceived by users as additional information on the website, is trustworthy. Besides, the user is actively looking for a particular product or service, which means he's your potential client.

Low cost of context advertising

You only pay for the ad if the user read your announcement, found it interesting and moved on to your website! An advertisement without a change-- BESPLATEN!

Flexibility of the context advertising fee scheme

The value of the click is fixed by an auction system advertiser. You decide what price you're willing to pay for a client.

A wide audience of context advertising

For example, system announcements contextual Yandex♪ The director sees 15,000 thousand people every day.

accurate tracking of all parameters

You can assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign up to the interests of each user and the nature of its behaviour on the website. No marketing study will give you more detailed statistics.

Clean staggering context advertising

You can specify which towns and regions should see your ad. Advertising can be initiated exclusively for a target group of Internet users. The more specific, narrower direction of your business, the less advertising budget will have to be spent to deliver an advertisement to all potential clients.

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