А что такое сео рерайтинг?

What's That

SEO Copying refers to the work of the copiriter on the writing of SEO-texts. SoE-text is the main tool for promoting sites in search systems. This text is characterized by the mandatory availability of keywords and additional requirements.

What do you need to know the starting SEO-copier?

If the requirements for a simple text are literate, easy perception and point load, SEO-texts also need to take into account the uniqueness, a certain number of entries of the " Switches " , " nascent " and the use of the Gate.

Let us consider these concepts in greater detail:

1. Unique

This is the first to be determined by search engines. The search engine contains only pages unique in its content. Searchers may even punish sites containing non-uniform texts. The uniqueness services are referred to as anti-plugs and usually use 2 parameters - tyres and GAPs.

Shingle is called a certain fragment of the anti-plug test text, and GAP is a step of the tire. The anti-plugat checks all documents separated from the Network for the presence of such tires in the texts. The uniqueness of the document depends on the length of the tire.

2. Keywords (keys) and nausea

Keywords are search requests for the target audience interested in the customer. The task of the co-pierar is to write a unique and interesting article where these " switches " will meet with the required frequency.

The issue is the frequency of the repetition of key words in the text. Robots are very " unlike " texts with a high density of keywords. The standard of " bottoms " is 3-4 per cent of the total number of words in the text.

Some customers indicate the number of " switches " in the technical mission itself, others immediately request the insertion of key words into the text with a given frequency. One or two direct entrances to a thousand text signs are considered optimal.

The location of the “keys” is the best word to the customer. In default, the keywords should be more uniformly distributed on the text, given that they should not stand at the beginning of the proposal.

Kluchi can be used in the text in direct and indirect ways. Unless otherwise specified, the co-pierar shall insert the " switches " in direct entry.

Complex keys of a few words can be broken by a comma, a wash, a two-track, a bracket (opening or closing), a boiler and a comma point. The words cannot be broken by a point, questionable and adjective signs.

3. Gate work

The professional SEO-copier should be able to use the special Internet tools - strategies.

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