How to Increase Your Search

Seo Traffic

Traceability The term of English-speaking origin (English traffic - traffic, transport), in the context of search optimization, means the number of visitors to the site. Achieving high traffic is the primary objective of the optimist. It's a global goal. The use of all SEO ' s cunning toolkit serves only this main purpose of increasing the number of visitors to the site. In the language of the optimizers, it's called a trajectory.

Raise traffic.

There are many ways to raise traffic, but all can be divided into two large groups. The first group refers to methods that attract visitors to the site through search systems. In this case, the optimist seeks to locate the advanced site in the first line of prospecting. These techniques include, for example, the placement of external references, whereby searchers perform reference ranking. The second group consists of direct publicity campaigns and the optimization of the site through SMO and SMM, i.e. the promotion of the resource. social media and Internet. These are the methods of so-called direct lifting of traffic. Community participants come directly to the advanced site and thus shape traffic.

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