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Optimization Of Site In Search Systems

A lot of people understand what they need. In fact, optimizing the searching site is the building and diagnostic of the site ' s technical features.

This is the initial stage of the site, which helps to build the right site work so that the search robot can download the site and understand the information correctly. In all, optimizing the site does not affect the ranking of website documents.

Optimization is simply a search site, correcting risks with incorrect indexing and other technical issues. It's a necessary phase of work, but just optimization won't result in search traffic.

Imagine a scale with negative and positive values. This is the optimization of the site. It's the way to scale 0.

Now, further work on the semantic part of the site ' s structure, the design-visualization and the addition of the required content is a result of ranking. I mean, we're already taking these actions off plan 0 and trying to make a difference.


What is the technical optimization of the site:
♪ Stock-up for page server (200, 404, 301 etc)
- Robs.txt, sitemap.htaccess
- removal of title, description
- meta-names (whose ignorance, e.g. meta-tags can close the indexing pages)
- Generation URL and page hierarchy.
♪ Removal of page duplicates
♪ Optimizing the speed of downloading of pages, if possible, Google Developer
Mobile-frendly (optimization under mobile devices)
♪ Building If-Modified-Since
♪ Code validation
♪ Appendix favicon
♪ Schema.org and Open Graph
Other work

Some points on the list may be challenged, for example, the adaptive (optimised for mobile devices site) is a ranking factor (Algorithm Vladivostock measure), but in general, I consider this a basic part and consider technical optimization.

In more detail about the paragraphs, I described in the checklist you could read on the reference.

Question-response on optimization

Can the site be optimized by yourself if you're not a specialist?
In theory, it's possible to study everything, but your personal time and the fact that you will understand it correctly.

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