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Анализ изменения CTR в панели вебмастеров GoogleThe Google search results are now more common since the width of the column has been changed from 512px to 600px. If, most recently, some 60 symbols have been placed in the displayed shuttle sites (sometimes 70, but then they have increased the size of the prints), it is now about 70 symbols again. With the average length of the word in Russian 7.2, the symbol indicates that up to 10 words can be inserted in the tall. However, the number of words taken into account in the tall is still 12 (the rest are understood as text).

Why was the width of the shuttle 512px before? Probably because of the first nine-inch maquintos with a resolution of 512x342 pickles. But now, the size of the diskstop screens is constantly increasing, and the most popular resolution (singing differently)

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