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Web Development System

TRAFFICGEN ' s promotion system effectively promotes sites by providing quality traffic on them. The website added to the system can generate the required content transhipment: request the number of pages to be checked, website time, unique visitors. The TRAFFICGEN system allows the site to be promoted on its own in a fully automatic mode - it is sufficient to add a site to the system.

How does TRAFFICGEN work?
Once the site is added, it will begin to attend robots, an automated site visit or real visitors, depending on the project chosen. Robots are nothing different from the real user (no difference between who clicks on the reference, man or robot). Each robot has its unique characteristics: browser, IP address, etc.

Who needs a TRAFFICGEN system?
♪ New sites, to make attendance visible.
♪ Saitam, for good general attendance statistics;
♪ Saitami, to move in rating systems;
♪ Saitami, to attract a new target audience;
♪ Saitami, to increase the visibility of users and competitors;

What does the TRAFFICGEN system say?
♪ Assign the number of hosts per day;
♪ Assign the number of hits per day;
♪ Give time to stay on the website;
♪ Refer;
♪ To make a smooth visit to the site.

TRAFFICGEN is one of the best ways to move the site, and a flexible system of packaging can provide quality traffic at reasonable cost. When you register, you get a bonus-- Promotion of the site 300 free visitors.

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