Проверка позиций в поисковых

Inspection Of Search Engines

Service conditions:

  • Scrypt checks the site ' s position on key requests in the first thousand results of the Yandex and Google search systems.
  • For each key request, its position in search systems is defined according to the region, relevant pages, geo-dependence, wordstat frequencies are common and accurate. In addition, TIC, PR, the number of pages indexed in Yandex and Google will be identified for this domain. Example of requests
  • The verification shall take place in real time and the results shall be displayed immediately after checking without reloading the page. To correctly display the results, it is recommended that the page not be closed or downloaded until the full end of the check. The verification speed depends on the range of each key word. The closer the TOP10 request is, the faster the scrip will end the screening.
  • The result is retained in the base and generated by a unique ID that can be re-examined or referred to third parties
  • The services are provided entirely free of charge, with a restriction of 10 searches per day. The number of limits may vary depending on the load of the system. The number of free checks is 10 per day.

After registration, you'll get more. 300 free search + position history + many additional functions to analyse indicators development of the search site

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