Оптимизация сайта под

Optimization Of Site For Search Engines

Our optimization work is done by BESPLATNO as part of the search for the site.
The site is subject to a budget of 20,000 roubles.
Depending on the size of the site, the site ' s optimization could take 5 to 30 days.

The optimization of the site is an effort to improve Internet resources across a range of parameters. Depending on the objectives and objectives, we define the parameters on which the site should be optimized.

This consists of optimizing the website in PerfactSEO:

  • Optimization of text content

    The key pages on your website should be very interesting for users. For example, the section on COMPANIA should contain not just an advertisement text, but a really interesting story about your firm. The history of creation, its achievements, leadership, etc.
  • Optimizing user behaviour

    Visitors to your website come to him with certain targets. The targets can be quite different. For example, ordering through ON-LINE a form of application or finding a answer to a question or simply learning about the company.

Our task is to ensure that the site visitor reaches this goal as soon as possible and meets its need. As part of the set of work on the duck site, we define these goals and make them as quickly as possible and comfortable as possible.

Acceleration of loading

Users don't like it when the sites are downloaded long. Despite the growing proliferation of the fast-track Internet in Moscow and the regions of Russia, the problem is still relevant. Our professionals know how to get your Web site to fly like a Batman. We'll get everything from the website and the host. It's good for users to read a website that's uploading fast. Tested in practice. Moreover, the download speed of the site is taken into account by search systems when ranking.
  • Establishment of a literate architecture

    A well-constructed site architecture allows users to be easily guided by complex and confusing navigation. And search systems can quickly index large amounts of information on the site (e.g., product card).
  • Optimization for search engines

    We are developing a site from a technical point of view to search systems standards. Create a correct robots.txt, remove the duplicate pages, create a map of the site in a suitable search system, sitemap.xml, create a schema.org memo, transmit all information about the organization to correctly describe the site.

We're checking the right page resection (revisers), server answers... And so on... These are technical nuances in our SEO official instruction for optimists over 50.

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