How To Unlock The Site

Анализ - как раскрутить сайт в поисковых системахTo unlock the site in search systems, it is necessary to use the entire chain of processes described above.

Consider all the processes in detail:

1. Analysis

To begin with, we need to analyse, the analysis includes such processes:

(A) Analysis of competition sites

Внутренняя оптимизация сайта - как раскрутить сайт в поисковых системахAnalysis of competition sites is a critical phase in the promotion of the site. Competitors ' sites need to be carefully analysed, understand what they live and breathe, get a full picture of their methods and presence.

We need to look at these moments:

- Reverse references

- Web content

- Key words

B) Keyword selection

It is important to garner key words to advance the site, as key words directly depend on who will enter the site.

Keywords can be selected through search systems, as well as special fee and base services.

B) Creation of a semantic nucleus

Рост посещаемости сайта - как раскрутить сайт в поисковых системахIn fact, the semantic nucleus is the words that we have chosen, but it only happens to be small of dozens of key words, and vastly tens and hundreds of thousands of key words.

The more semantic nucleus, the more visitors on the site. Depending on the tasks, high-frequency, medium-frequency, low-frequency and super low-frequency requests can be used.

Read details on: search requests and site semantic nucleus

G) Distribution of keywords on the site

Once the requests have been identified and the necessary semantic nucleus has been established, the key words must be distributed literate on the site.

It's not usually hard to distribute words if there's a ready site or an Internet store.

We distribute the words:

- front page

- sections

- subsections

- article(s)

- articles (to be written under words)

After competitors understand how competitors feel, a thorough analysis is made, key words are selected, a semantic nucleus is collected and key messages on the site are distributed, moving towards the second critical phase of the process that is needed for site search systems

2. Internal site optimization

Internal optimization of the critical process in the promotion of the site is:

First of all, the website needs to describe the key words selected, secondly optimize content, third code, and then other important points.

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