Secrets Of Context Advertising

Списки минус-слов в AdwordsMany starters make mistakes in context advertising. But there are secrets of Adwords that even some experienced professionals don't know about. The secret moments and the setting of context advertising will share with you in this article.

First of all, these secrets are not the key to the success of your advertising campaign. They are only components that improve their quality and effectiveness. I mean, if the Adwords basic designs don't match the best, it's gonna be hard to get the effect of these secrets.

Either way, you can always turn to experts who can help correctly. build context advertising

So, here comes our Google Adwords secret collection:

Расписание показа объявлений в AdwordsUse of word. Don't be surprised if there's a word on that list. According to our experience, most independent owners of scouts still forget the addition of minus. So we decided to make use of words like one of the secrets. It is also recalled that a mini-word can be added at the campaign level and at the announcement panel level. In addition, lists of such words can be established in the General Library, which can be easily used:

Автоматизация в Adwords

Use of symbols and signs of puncture. To attract the attention of potential clients, advertisers use different tricks. Despite the harsh rules for Adwords, they can be made more visible by means of special symbols. Such symbols include “R”, “yes”, “?”, “*”, etc. But you have to be careful, because these symbols also have limitations. For example, there should be no sign in the heading.

Temporary tagging♪ Google Adwords secrets can also be found in the construction of a targeting. In this case, we want to set up a temporary staggering, which provides for the setting of your advertisement at certain times: days, hours and even minutes (may indicate time at least 15 minutes). There's a way to indicate a few schedules that will be useful in your business and match the Internet store schedule.

Adjustment of rates. The flexibility of the Adwords allows the campaign to be built in such a way that, for certain periods of time (adjustment for the schedule of announcements) or for certain types of devices, the rates will be increased or lowered. It is also possible to adjust the rates for positioning, moulding techniques and remarking lists.

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