Promoting The Site In Seals

What's the promotion of Internet sites in search systems and why?
Moving the Internet site is working to locate your site on the first page of the search system on a specific request. This is necessary for your organization to be presented to users who seek a certain product or service through a search system. Competitive advantage is given to companies whose websites are located above - they are used by Internet users more frequently than those whose websites are located on the following searches.

What are you doing to make my website above the competition sites?
The Abramovsky and Partners ICU Specialist will analyse your site, optimize it for search requests, which are scheduled to be placed on the first page of the search results (so-called top), then begin to improve the external environment (recording work on catalogues, Internet references, etc.).

How long does it take to move my website?
Quality (white) advancement requires at least 3 months. Often, high-competitive requests (requests from real estate, cars, computers) require at least 5-6 months.

What search system are you going to extend my website?
Google and Yandex are currently leading positions in the search market. The Yandex is a domestic search system that uses Russia ' s greatest popularity. Most of the time we're promoting a client's website in Yandex, which has a positive impact on search results and Google.

How much is my website going?

  • The address of your Internet site;
  • List of requests for promotion (approximately, requests will be refined according to the specificity of your activities).
  • The contact number of the officer in charge of the promotion of the site in your company.

How long will it take to keep up with progress?
The results of the promotion can be kept for a long time (over 1 year), which depends on competition in your field. If competitors actively advance their websites, progress may be short-lived, work will be required to support the results achieved website progress in search systems.

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