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Newsbirth Websites

The transhipment of the site is a set of activities aimed at attracting targeted visitors through a large number of sources and the use of various methods and tools to attract visitors to the site.

In other words, the site ' s increased traffic is provided by a set of activities which include:

  • Optimizing the site for search systems,
  • Technical optimization of the site,
  • promotion of targeted requests in Top-10
  • contextual advertising,
  • promotions on thematic portals,
  • The location of the site in cartographic services and many others.
  • The use of all these tools increases the flow of targeted visitors to clients.

    Traffic benefits

  • High stability of results. Through the use of a variety of tools to attract visitors to the site, if problems arise in one area, others will be able to " build " and maintain the profitability of the site.
  • The high impact of the site is regular site work and performance analysis that improves website skimming and thus improves customer conversion rates.
  • Rapid start, with the use of context advertising tools, the first visitors come to the site just the first days after the launch of the site promotion work.
  • Broad coverage. Travellers ' sources are:

    Thus, transhipment is the most reliable, beneficial and efficient way to move the site.

  • Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail and others;
  • contextual advertising♪ Directt, Begun, Google AdWords;
  • popular portals (, , BIS077, Catalogue. NSG, Yellow Pages and other regional and thematic portals);
  • Cartographic search and information services (Yandex.Carta, Google.Maps, 2GIS and others);
  • Finding the pictures and a lot of things.
  • Extensive search coverage. Since a semantic nucleus is being developed for the site, with maximum coverage of the site ' s topics and work in several areas, the number of transitions to targeted search phrases is increasing in all areas covered.
  • Deep development of the site as a whole rather than separate pages. In contrast to the progress of the Top-10 site, optimization of the transhipment site is carried out with maximum coverage of website pages.
    ♪ In the " top " movement, only advanced pages with minimal optimization of other website pages are optimized.
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