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Five useful online services with free options
Creating a website, organizing an e-mail retrieval, launching a competition, that would help make simple and convenient Internet tools.
The Internet is literally flooded with resources to help entrepreneurs solve business challenges, to plan the company, to promote Search Systems siteto find promising business ideas, etc. But many of these instruments are uncomfortable, inaccurate or frankly glute. And a lot of us will have to make a round sum. In order to draw your attention to the truly useful and qualitative sites, we are at times compiling such resources. Below is another piece of online tools that we are confident in the quality and effectiveness of. And all of these sites have free options.
Rule: seek legal advice
The Rule is the largest online legal counselling service in Runet. Here, you can get a good quality assessment on all possible legal issues in a timely manner. Works like this: you leave a question on the website, and lawyers specializing in the subjects you have said give them more and less answers. For your question, you may choose a free or fee-paying tariff (average cost of consulting the fee rate is 600 roubles). The difference is, at a free tariff, the answer will have to wait a little longer. The service will be most convenient for small companies, which require only occasional legal aid and therefore do not need to have their own legal profession.
MailChimp: organise e-mail
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