SEO-оптимизация продвижение

Seo Optimizing The Site

Что такое SEO и как оценивать результатFirst of all, let us agree on the terms used.

The term " SEO " = " Destination " = " Desk optimization " = " SEO-optimization " = " Development of the site " .

As we see, the terms are used a lot, and the essence behind them is one.


General definition
SEO (Abreviatura of Search Engine Optimization) is a set of activities to increase the visibility of the site in search systems for targeted search requests.

Анализ целевого трафика на сайтWhat is a SEO in a " home plan "
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a set of works aimed at improving the site ' s position in the results of search systems to increase site attendance.

Alternative, detailed definition
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of site development, changing its environment, analyzing user behaviour aimed at improving existing positions on target requests (in Yandex, Google and other searches) and obtaining good positions (in TOP-10) on new interesting requests.

The total number and popularity of requests advanced depends directly on the site ' s attendance from the search and, consequently, on the location.

The totality of requests for which progress is being made is the name of the site ' s semantic nucleus.

The SEO (detection) work includes:

  • Analysis of search ranking algorithms, to identify key ranking factors, to monitor the innovations of searchers;
  • Analysis of current demand (detection statistics, site visits);
  • Compilation of a list of pending requests (semitic site nucleus);
  • improving the site itself (internal optimization);
  • increasing the quotation of the site (external optimization);
  • Work on the analysis of user behaviour on the website and on the page of the results of extradition (improvement of behavioural factors);
  • Monitoring of results (target requests, transcripts) and adjustments to the current site work schedule.

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