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In the forums, I often hear the view that there is no sense of paying registration in Yandex. Cataloge. Scrap, this money is more appropriate to invest in the promotion of resources, and Yandex can be registered free of charge.

You can, of course, put your resource on the Yandex website catalogue for free, in the hope that it will be registered there, but I prefer it to register in Yak. If white projects had previously been catalogued on a free basis rather hunting, even without a registration application, the situation has now changed. Whether the applicants for registration in Yaka have become much more free of charge, and if Yandex has become more “willer”.

Skeptics who think, " Why do I need it for 14,750 wooden roubles? " Catalogue, don't lick on the figure of 12,500 roubles indicated in the rates, Yandex wisely decided not to include VAT in that figure, so that the amount of registration appears to be smaller, to try to give 4 arguments of " pros " that might help to change their opinion.

1. Possibility of assigning more regions to the site

If your project is intended for audiences from several regions (Russia or Peace), registration in Yandex. The Catalogue would allow up to seven regions of the same type (for a total number of regions, see previous post). This will allow the site to be better ranked in the regional results of the search for Yandex, as well as in the search for a region with a tie.

Conencio, we're gonna have to do a little work with a large number of regions. It's very good for the cataloguing moderators with the contacts of the company ' s regional affiliates (telephone and address).

2. Yandex. Catalogue can give a tangible tranship to your site.

Many doubt that, but look at the violin of the statistics of one trust site:

Users switch to resource, both with a catalogue search and a related shirt. But for the appreciable transcript of the catalogue, it is necessary that your site have a high tIC, since the quotation in the headings is the quotation index.

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