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Seo Progress

основы продвижения сайтаBasis of the website

The proper promotion of the site is a huge component of its success. At the top of the search for Yandex or Google, many website owners are dreaming, but not all have sufficient knowledge and confidence to achieve this. In order to help you understand the SEO framework and to gain confidence in ourselves, we will try to sequentially delineate the site progress points.

For the next seven days, we will publish on a daily basis new articles on SEO structures in Jimdo, the selection of key words, statistical tools, the creation of an advertising campaign, and the actions required to accelerate the indexing of the site. At the end of the SEO Week, we're gonna ask you to take a test so you can check on how well you've been aware of the site's progress.

In search services, people are looking for a variety of information. The searchers, in turn, are trying to provide the most relevant answers to requests, taking into account the needs, search history and location of users. For example, if someone from St. Petersburg was looking for a bike ride, it would be weird for him to see the results of the search for Moscow or cranial addresses, or to get something that was not relevant to the request. For example, the addresses of the vegetarian café in St Petersburg.

продвижение сайтаThus, searchers process the client ' s request and show him only relevant sites in searching for extradition. Hence, to be at the top of the search for extradition, a large number of features should be taken into account and the Internet should be promoted regularly.

An important inflow of visitors to the search service site can be achieved through the search optimization of the site (SEO-Angl. Search Engine Optimization) or context advertising.

The advantages of context advertising It is that it has a rapid impact and the site receives new visitors. However, it requires a budget, as well as a well-known specialist or agency.

Pros of site searching: if optimization is done on its own, the budget is not necessary. But there's also a minus: the result isn't as fast as it takes months and a little work to make the site appear at the top of the search.

However, the result remains long and the organic growth of visitors on the site will not stop, as will be the case in the event of a halt to the advertising campaign.

Before we begin to move the site, we need to draw up a detailed plan and act in line with it, as well as to reflect on the important aspects to advance the site.

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