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Best Context Advertising

The Internet business isn't about now just anyone who doesn't have access to the world web. More and more webmasters are successfulor not.develop their projects. An advertisement is the main way to monetize its own web resources, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life and modern Internet is not possible.

Time has shown that the most web-based advertising is contextual:

In this article, we will try to look into the foreseeable future and make some forecasts about market development in context advertising.

To begin with, it should be noted that, under the context, there is a need to understand advertising that is thematically similar (see annex).or closewith the information space within which it is located.

The type of context advertising such as media should be highlighted. In this case, the user may observe the announcements (generally as bannerson website pages.

The search context for advertising is also considered to be very effective, allowing the user to receive several references to advertisements in response to his request, in addition to the usual results. It's a good combination of the idea of searching, because often a man needs to buy boots instead of reading a story from Wikipedia.

described above context advertising - it's a parole. When an advertiser develops the parameters of his campaign, he will first identify the target audience to be advertised. To do so, the following points should be identified mainly:
♪ Tematicity. By defining the words with which advertising will be linked, only interested people will be expected to see advertisements.
- Targeting. In context advertising systems allow for advertisements at specific times and people living in certain regions. It is also possible to target users with certain behaviour on the Internet (the online user profiles are monitored through cookies files).

Determine the basic characteristics that can be presented in context advertising to date.
♪ Basic systems. The main players are, of course, Google search monsters, with their AdSense and Yandex advertising system, with their contextual Adrekt.

In addition, the Russian advertising market has good results in the Begun and in the Contact. The services provided are very effective in managing the context advertising in a way that only affects the target audience.

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