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Internal Site Optimization

As mentioned earlier in many forums and blogs, a unique and interesting content is an important factor, but to make the site a success, only qualitative articles will not be sufficient. People don't visit your resource because you write good articles because it's only one of the reasons why they're here. The more comfortable the site is made, the more grateful they will be. How to achieve the maximum result and will be explained further.

Internal SEO optimization of the site is a collection of measures that can help index the search system site. That is, there must be a relink between the articles, sections, special assistance for the plaguins, a map of the site and many other actions. Next, we will consider each paragraph more closely. internal optimization of website

1. Special logic for searching.

Internal optimization is not possible without the use of special flames. Become the flames that will make references to categories or articles on your website under articles. Thus, the user who will read the article will be able to see similar records or articles from the same category. These plaguins have a total of two pluses, a man will probably read the names of the same articles, and if he likes the subject, he will read a few more. The other plus is getting a reference to the right ankor.

2. Web map

The site map is another part of the process of " internal search optimization of the site " . You have to put a map of the site, it's loved by the FS, because it refers to the articles of the whole site, regardless of when the article was published. Besides, it's convenient for visitors, because it's the simplest way to find the right article.

3. Translation

This is the most important point in searching the site.
Probably from all the articles you wrote, there are recurring topics. For example, what is Twitter? You need to rephrase these articles. For those who don't know, let's define it. Re-linking is just making references. That is, the articles should exchange references, but with certain ancordos. Assuming, in the 1st article, you need to refer to article 2 in the words " work with Twitter " , and you need to do the second article, but use the other ancor for reference.

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