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We believe that Ashmanov and Rosenthal can understand each other and find common language. Specially, an optimist and copiriter Take the Cake gathered to discuss the SEO-copierate TK, which will give everyone the number of key words and common sense.
All the optimists want to move the sites with great content, and all the copyers want to deal with professional and sensitive optimizers. Such fateful meetings are rare: someone wants to go to the TPR and donate for this to all, even the eyes of their customers; someone writes the texts, but for the 15th page of extradition; and someone doesn't need a copierar because he's a dorm.
Unfortunately (and perhaps, fortunately), the person who best deals with SEO, the optimist, rarely writes the texts. Its task is to find a co-pierar that has been sufficiently advanced to the SEO ' s demands, but which has maintained turmoil is appropriate to go against the TK and propose creative solutions. The task of the copirate is to speak both the language of people and the language of machines, like Neo of Matrix.
But let's pretend that the situation is bad, but... Advance the site I have to. How does a SEO-copierate TC look to get even a non-motor optimizer that he needs?

As the TK sees the optimizationHow does a copierate see a TZ?
Ekaterina Ivanov Head of Search MarketingEkaterina Ariko Head of Content Marketing
Keyword density
It is generally expressed as a percentage, it is assumed that 2 per cent is ideal (approximately 2-3 requests for 800 symbols). But all individually, depending on the subject, on the frequency of the key. I recommend that the key density of the competitors in TOP 10 be determined. It's manually difficult, but effective, because you certainly see that you like the search system. One of the supporting tools is Rookee. It shows statistics on 10 competitors, but there are also errors, e.g. incorrect competitors (so strangely internet store to compete with Wikipedia).
If you really need to know how many key entry points you need to hang in grams, you'll be able to use the BM25 formula. It is believed that it allows for an ideal relationship, although, again, much depends on the subject.
If the TK on the project is not one-time, but involves long-term collaboration with one copyright, it is worth showing him the TOP-10 sites that the optimist or analyst considers strong. So the copiriter can see what the customers like.
If the copiriter deliberately fails to meet the requirements of interest, he must offer in return something very, very good and sellable.
Volume of 800-3000 symbols
The volume of 800-3000+ symbols should be observed (all depending on the subject and type of website, but these are the most common parameters).
I think it's a reasonable condition, but...
If the copirate is a young and prospective specialist, you better understand the number of signs on the bank: you can explain in advance what article is a brief note and what is a detailed lecture on the subject.
Compliance with morphine
One pure entry + 1 diluted. It is desirable that key requests be in the heading and subheading of the text as well as in the first paragraphs of the material. Except for the exact arrivals, you need to... ♪
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