Контекстная реклама:

Context Promotion Of Benefits

Контекстная реклама: преимущества и недостаткиContext advertising is one of the main tools of the Internet Marketing and is fee-for-nominated advertisements that are placed thematically according to user requests in search systems. The advertisement is most commonly presented in the form of a graphic banner, links, flashlight, etc.

This type of advertisement is usually used to support short-term programmes and shares by rapidly attracting a large number of target audiences. However, it is completely inappropriate when a new, little product is placed on a large market. The high popularity of context advertising is due to the fact that it has several advantages:

  • Meantime and geographic tagging: Users can be filtered according to multiple parameters (time or geographical location).
  • Speed. The announcement immediately becomes visible in the issuance of search systems, thus providing a quick reaction from users, and thus the flow of visitors. That is why, very often, until the site has gained sufficient force, Internet advertising is used.
  • Control. If necessary, the advertisement can be edited quickly, with the necessary changes.
  • Medium budget. Payment is made by number of transfers implemented. It is possible to control the budget by determining the price of clicks or limiting their total quantity.

Context advertisement works Pay Per Click, a long-established pay system. A certain amount of money is charged to the system. As advertisements move (i.e. clicking), funds are removed from the account.

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