Yandex Catalogue

Yandex. Catalogue is a specialized catalogue in which many external references and trust resources can be found for the quality of the search for any information.

The catalogue ' s daily audience exceeds 470,000 users.

Historical background

Realise Yandex. The Cataloga was held on 18 October 2000. It differed from all other Russian-speaking catalogues because it was structured according to the type of faset classification, rather than copying the Yahoo architecture once again. Catalogue can be found on topics and on the type of data on the resource.

The fasette classification was subsequently adopted by other catalogues and became a reference in the Internet segment.

In two years, Yandex. The catalogue updated and improved the structure by adding a site typology section.

In 2004, the designers of Yandex. Catalogue worked hard on his design, and in 2009 they upgraded the interface.


In order to register a site in the catalogue, a request should be made to the engine. In the case of free registration, the application may last months, the fee registration will speed up the processing of the application, but in this case it cannot be ascertained that the site will necessarily enter the Yandex. Catalogue.

When accessing the catalogue, the sites are classified under the following headings: Goods and services, Councils, Encyclopedia, Forums, Outputs. Depending on the subject, the site may be located in a maximum of two sections of 16: Entertainment, Sport, Games, Media, References, Society, Portals, House, Work, Learning, Culture, Production, Auto, Business. Yandex. The catalogue closely monitors the quality of the resources made available, so the site owner must provide reliable information, namely, the name and description of the resource, the category, the genre of the site and the region of progress, the squeak of the front page and the master ' s data.

To Yandex. The rolling stock is Yandex/2.01.000, which is constantly circumventing and following up on registered resources. In the event of a temporary suspension, the site is hidden from users ' eyes.

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