How To Determine Site Attendance

узнать посещаемость по счетчику лайвинтернетI'm sure every webmaster was wondering how to learn how to visit someone else's website? It's now that you've been on the Internet, it's not a problem for you to determine your attendance, it's enough to find a counter on the website. But remember, when you first started using the network, it must have been hard for you to know how popular the website is.

Today ' s methods of estimating the site ' s attendance are discussed. For webmasters, this issue is very relevant:

  • First of all, you will find a group of websites for yourself that will serve as an example to you;
  • Second, you'll need this in your analysis of the competitiveness of your resource.

In our article today, we will learn to determine the site ' s attendance. As a rule, this is very simple, and only in some cases does not succeed to learn how to visit someone else ' s website

1. Accounts

The first way everyone's thinking is to look at any of the enumerators. The enumerators record visitors, track their activity and produce the results as figures. Most of the results (or almost all) are publicly available. All you need is to look at the numbers specified by the enumerator (the enumerators are usually located in the basement of the site or in the sydbar).

The most popular enumerators:

  • liveInternet;
  • Google Analitics Statistics Service;
  • RPB rombler;
  • Search system counter;
  • Yandex.

2. Ratings

Sometimes there are situations where the enumerator statistics are closed, then the method described above will not help you determine. Visits to other people ' s website♪ In this case, one way to go is to draw attention to the rating of the audited site.

Reading is a list consisting of a group of websites going in a sequence. We're interested in the ratings where the sites are sorted by the number of visitors. One of the most well-known and popular ratings of this kind is the Rating. This rating is considered the largest in the roll. Saiths are classified according to a number of indicators: The audience core, coverage, attendance, etc.

Of course, so you won't get the exact numbers, but approximate the site's attendance.

3. Publicity

The third method is less precise than the two previous ones, it is possible to learn the attendance of someone else ' s website, observing the activity of visitors:

  • how many comments are added by readers to articles;
  • How much comments are available;
  • How many followers on the site;
  • how popular the website is in social media;
  • other signs of activity.
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