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Факторы ранжирования GoogleI've known new people a lot lately, and as it happens, I've been talking about a profession. And it seems difficult to answer: " I'm moving the sites " , and in fact, I never explained anything. And let us be frank, the word " Google website " gives rise to a certain degree of misunderstanding not only of people who are far from computer technology, but also of business owners who pay not one year for these services. The filters, Penguin, CTR, Panda, the duplicate content, the reference mass, for many, are like a puzzle that doesn't add up.

Let's try to figure out what phases are. Google and what factors should be taken into account.

Before we proceed to concrete action, whether a SEO-company or a separate site, we need to:

  • Determine what you want to achieve and why you're starting to move. The goal of TOP 10 in six months is not the goal (please excuse such tautology). Without a clear definition of priorities and benefits for business, optimization work will not be appropriate or even pointless. Increased sales of Internet stores by 15 per cent in 10 months or a year to increase the number of subscribers for mailing up to 5,000 -- examples of literate tasks.
  • Develop a strategy for achieving them, key elements, budget.

That's where we came to. In order to shape a strategy, and especially to identify concrete steps towards its achievement, we need to figure out what we are dealing with. Google ' s algorithm is improving every year, more and more factors are taken into account. Going back to our allegoria, the puzzle becomes more complicated and fewer people can put it down. If you asked the SEO specialist three years ago what was needed to get on the front page of a two-month house, without a quality content, with almost zero attendance, you'd have a simple answer: " I need to buy links. Many references.” It's not that simple now, and it's still soft.

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