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Contextual-AdvertisingContex advertisements can be used not only to advance their website or product, but also to earn on it by posting on their Internet resources announcements and advertising blocks that correspond to the topics of your website or are as close as possible. Visitors on your website will be clicking on the ad, and you'll have a little penny in your pocket for each of those clicks. There are three main services in the context advertising: GoogleAdSense, Yandex. Dirkt and Begun.

GoogleAdSense. The most popular and user-friendly service, especially for newcomers, as there are almost no restrictions on site attendance. It's true that the price of the click on the undiscovered Internet resources will be the lowest. Here, as in the other services, there are many options for designing advertising blocks to fit them as accurately as possible into your website. The only minus available here is the payment of clicks that are made by cheques that will take you very long. It has been a very recent opportunity to transfer funds to the RAPID system, but I have to admit, it's not as popular as, for example, our usual WebMoney.

Yandex. Director. It's also a very popular service, but with more stringent website requirements. For example, the minimum number of unique visitors should not be less than 300 per day. It's only then that you can try to put the contextual ad on your resource and start the development of Yandex Direkt.

Begun. Another good service, which, however, has recently given up positions and has gone down Google and Yandex. There are also no restrictions on the site ' s attendance and, in general, conditions similar to GoogleAdSense. But plus this system, it takes virtually every website.

Except for these three, there's still a lot of services like this, but they're not all so crowded, which means they're not always gonna be able to pick up a commercial exactly in the context of your website, because they're much smaller and webmasters and advertisers.

It's two ways to make a living in context advertising. In the first case, create many small sites and place advertisements on them, as they say, take a number. And the second way is to create a quality Internet resource, fill it with relevant content and, accordingly, increase website attendance

It is also best to register directly in several systems, as there are no restrictions on this principle. But the important thing is not to get involved, because if your resource consists of only ads, it will eventually stop using demand and turn into spam.

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